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I wanted to talk about just the week before Christmas quickly; COVID cases in the U.S. and globally have increased a lot with the new omicron variant. What does that mean for the board of directors? One of those things CEOs and many companies have been pushing for employees to come back starting next year is to be pushed back and reevaluated.

That’s the first thing I would say because it’s just not worth bringing employees back in. Then if culturally speaking and a lot of employees confidentially have been speaking, you know they’re very happy with the co with the virtual back working do you need that.

The second piece of advice that I have for boards quickly do you need these employees to be back here unless you’re manufacturing or doing something hands-on. 

Can’t you collaborate with them online? I know times you need to be in front of people, but if you don’t trust these employees, then maybe hire new people you know other than that to keep pushing.

The Global Capital markets Estonia in Europe with artificial intelligence (dominance digital society) has been leading Turkey, which is the currency that has dropped a lot against the U.S. dollar. 

Still, the market returns were among the highest in the G20, and European Markets it’s among the highest it’s 41% percent rate of returns in the country. In Asia, Vietnam is again what I said last year and the U.S.

You know 22% outstanding S&P 500 but globally speaking, you know the supply chains disruption, the chip disruption, you know a lot of things have not been resolved going into 2022 and looking down 2022 to 2025.

I think there’s a risk for geopolitically, but as the covid variant is re-emerging, we have to push back things you know that’s and if there’s anything I can help you with advice collaborate call write all the best see you soon! 

Yusuf Azizullah 

CEO (Globalboardadvisors.com & Boardroomeducation.com) 


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