What Chairmen need to focus on ESG investing and Stakeholder Capitalism


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EGS Investing, ESG means Environmental Social and Governance. ESG Investors are asking CEOs and the Board of Directors what they are doing with ESG? What are their plans for ESG?

For the fourth time held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I also wanted to talk about what Chairmen should understand what happened with Davos Agenda virtual and the Future Investment Initiative conference Davos In The Desert.

What is Future Investment Initiative, Davos in the Desert, the Future Investment Initiative 4rth Summit held in Riyadh during Davos Agenda virtual week (Jan 25th โ€“ 28th, 2021). The Future Investment Summit is organized by Saudi PIF, Public Investment Fund of Saudi  

With Davos virtual, the biggest thing was Stakeholder Capitalism that presiding officers need to understand the course, Environmental Social and Governance, or ESG investing. Stakeholder Capitalism is the major concern for Board members, chairpersons, and CEOs of enterprises across the planet, and COVID19 is still disrupting, as I had said earlier (in previous videos on my channel).

Understand and know ESG investing is across the planet, and this is the focus. At the FII summit, Riyadh has committed to Sustainability and is becoming the 10th largest cities economy by 2030.

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