Diamond Executive League

Diamond Executive League

Designed specifically for rising stars in the boardroom, our Diamond Executive League enriches your boardroom discussions. Our Diamond Executive League is a gateway to the boardroom culture for senior executives.

We provide “confidential advice” and bring the Board’s perspective to your role.

  1. Our sessions are interactive
  2. Your boardroom knowledge is enriched by staying up to date on crucial challenges
  3. Our discussions focus on what is relevant to the board’s fiduciary responsibilities
  4. “The coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. They have to watch you and get you to be your best. In the business context a coach is not a repetitious coach. A coach is somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes, describes it to you in [his or her] words, and discusses how to approach the problem.” Eric Schmidt, Google Executive Chairman Fortune Magazine

Advance your boardroom career to the next level alongside our Diamond Executive League by taking our Boardroom Courses for Management.

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