Our Niche Offerings

Our Niche Offerings


Confidential Introductions

GBAC introduces you to leading Chairmen and Non-Executive Directors (NED) from our exclusive global network. Complimentary at the Red Diamond membership level.

Boardroom Retreats

A retreat to facilitate boardroom innovation. Discounts on annual boardroom retreats. Customized Strategy planning training sessions for your entire boardroom.

We travel all over the planet to exclusive location spots

Travel with your full board to exclusive strategy retreats. Family packages and activities suitable all ages and interests are optional.

Innovative Thought Leadership Research

Receive our confidential Global Capital Markets and Boardroom insights columns.

Boardroom Searches

Consideration for candidacy in our confidential global board searches.

Featured Guest Thought Leader

Invitation to be a featured guest thought leader in our governance YouTube Boardroom Innovation Series viewed by global 2000 Chairs and CEO’s in over 60 countries.

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