Board of Director Signature Courses

Board of Director Signature Education Courses Board of Directors of NASDAQ, NYSE and Global 500 listed Stocks Seasoned Boards

  • How To ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) Attracting Global Stakeholders and Investors
  • COVID and Supply Chain Management
  • Board’s Role in Strategic Planning and Risk Oversight
  • Latest Trends from International Boardrooms
  • Board’s Role in Strengthening Culture
  • Planning for CEO Succession
  • Enterprise Risk Management and IT Risks
  • Emerging Topics in The Boardroom
  • Social Media and Evolving Business Models
  • Preparing for Shareholder Activism
  • Diversity on Boards
GBAC Board of directors signature course

New Board Members

  • Board’s Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Importance of Independent Board Members
  • Working with the CEO and Management
  • Understanding Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance

Audit Committee Members

  • Understanding Financial Statements and Dialog with Management
  • Whistleblower Concerns
  • Dodd-Frank Regulatory Updates
  • Understanding COSO and COBIT Governance Frameworks and Relevant Metrics
  • Thinking about IFRS, Latest Updates, and Preparing for Transition
  • Regulatory and Legal Updates (country & region specific)
  • Board’s Role in Handling Investigations (FCPA, AML, UK Bribery, US Patriot Act, Ethics Hotline, SOX & Dodd-Frank)
  • Board’s Role in Assessing Technology Related IT Risks

Global Markets and Regional Focus Risk Discussions

  • Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets
  • Strategy Planning for China
  • Africa, the Rising Continent
  • Eastern Europe and European Union Challenges
  • Opportunities in Emerging Asian Economies
  • Middle East and Gulf Oil States Strategy
  • Australia and New Zealand Strategy
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