C-Suite Executives and Rising Stars Online Boardroom Signature Courses!

Communicating Effectively in the Boardroom

GBAC enriches the boardroom by focusing on what’s relevant to Boards. Executives allocate considerable resources to preparing for Board meetings. However, the Board’s perspective is corporate governance. We bring the Board’s point of view to boardroom discussions and strategy planning.  Learn more about Boardroom Risk oversight in GBAC Online Boardroom Signature Courses

Boardroom Base Courses

  • Communicating Effectively with the Boards
  • Reporting Relevant Metrics to the Board
  • Understanding the Roles of the CEO and Chairman
  • Using Boardroom Time more Effectively
  • Attracting Independent Board Members
  • Avoiding Conflicts of Interests within the Boardroom
  • Understanding Technology as a Market Differentiator
  • IT Challenges and Cyber Security Threats
  • Transitioning Family Boards into Independent Board Members
  • Moving away from Large Presentations into Relevant Dialog
  • Starting a Dialog with Shareholders before the Proxy Season

Strategy and Risk Oversight

  • Attracting Foreign Institutional Investors
  • Strategies for Going Global
  • Building Strategic Alliances
  • Industry and Country Specific Strategy
  • Strategies for Emerging Markets
  • Strategy Planning For Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC)
  • Turkey and Emerging European Business Models
  • Planning for IFRS Global Accounting Transition
  • Working with the Board in Fraud Investigations
  • What the Board Needs to Know about Counter Party and Third Party Risks

Global Regulatory Compliance

  • Understanding Management’s Role in Sarbanes Oxley Compliance
  • Understanding Global Regulatory Compliance (SOX, Dodd-Frank, BASEL III, EMIR)
  • Understanding Regional and Country Specific Risks
  • Handling Conflict of Interest Investigations

Preparing for a Boardroom Seat

  • Making the Transition from Senior Executive into the Boardroom
  • Understanding Financial Reporting and Financial Statements
  • Understanding Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance
  • Understanding Different Committees and Functions within a Boardroom
  • Preparing for an Independent Board Seat