GBAC Sustainable CEO Series – Jane Fraser Citi CEO

GBAC Sustainable CEO – Jane Fraser

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Honoring Jane Fraser Citi CEO – GBAC Sustainable Development Goals CEOs Series 


This is Yusuf Azizullah, and this is a new video series that I’m highlighting powerful CEOs highlighting environmental, social, and governance. I wanted to talk about Jane Fraser, the new CEO of Citi, the first female CEO of Citi.

Parent of Citi bank and Citi Credit Cards Jane is in my LinkedIn Network; the communication I’ve had with her, I can tell you, I’ve advised the Board of Directors and CEOs for more than 11 years.

Jane takes the time to write personal emails and replies to questions. I can tell you, the best days of Citi are coming up, and this is just phenomenal. This woman will not only change Citi within Citi but across global stakeholders in the first few hours of her taking over the reign, and she announces to the planet Citi is committed to Net Zero Sustainability by 2050. Operations will be by 2030, all completely sustainable.

She says it’s not only in our day-to-day operations but also in our DNA. It’s in our day-to-day in our business models. In one year, they’re going to be publishing the road map to sustainability by 2050.

But major focus to the Gender Pay Gap, Racial Diversity, and the Green Agenda $250 Billion transactions in 5 years, not only within Citi but across the gamut of Citi, this is a major turn shift and commitment towards sustainability.

Look at my boardroom education video. I have created a video course on ESG – Environmental Social and Governance Transformation within 18 months. My viewers, you will see many leaders and many corporations coming and taking part in it and promoting the Sustainability transformation course. GBAC Signature Board of Director Courses. This course is what Re100 companies and World Economic Forum ESG Leaders use to transform them into United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

I’m here to help you take away the challenges with sustainability and what metrics to produce, what frameworks to use, and report? Please reach me. I would be happy to guide you and take you on your journey towards transformation into sustainability.

It’s our life we owe to our commitment to our next generation and our grandchildren that we make this planet greener and in our operations in our day-to-day work. 

Thank you.

More to come to keep you posted. Have a wonderful day and more powerful CEOs with sustainability.

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