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The Tsunami of Diversity in boardrooms pushed by #NASDAQ and its CEO Adena Friedman is shaking the old boy’s networks upside down!

The Tsunami of Diversity In The Boardroom

The U.S. Securities Exchange Commission approved NASDAQ’s proposal last week. Now NASDAQ’s 4442 listed securities must comply or explain to angry institutional investors and shareholders why they don’t add diverse candidates to their boardrooms?

Well, personally, it’s about time the USA joined its speer’s European counterparts and G20 developed economies with Diversity Quotas in the boardroom.

Since last week, my boardroom diversity communications on social media, TikTok, has had more than 600 views. It is a major shake-up in the boardroom Status Quo!!!

Chairman of the board and Nomination Committee Chairs have special sessions on how to address this Major fundamental shift in business.

Board presiding officers are taking this as an opportunity to rethink.

  • What does it mean to have diverse voices in the boardroom on strategy?
  • How can the business benefit from gender, Ethnic minority group peers, and LGBT community members? 

With the global mindset of the pandemic and shifting Business Models to International revenue streams, how do we enhance our boardrooms’ skills with Diverse and Emerging star Candidates?

I also believe NYSE New York Stock Exchange and other International #Sustainable #Stock #Exchanges will follow Nasdaq’s lead in incorporating diversity boardroom agendas? In #Environmental, #Social, and #Governance, MSCI  and Institutional Investors rate Diversity in the boardroom as one of its major factors in decision-making ESG agendas. Stakeholders will be paying attention to what boardrooms will publish in their Annual Proxies.

How are they addressed? Diversity in the boardroom challenges Reaches GBAC for confidential searches.

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