The World Economic Forum 2015 annual list of Technology pioneers was released today. It consisted of the world’s 49 most promising Technology Pioneers in 2015 from 10 countries, including the UK-based TransferWisewhich revolutionized money transfers; Holland-based Plant-e, which generates electricity from plants; and US-based Editas Medicine, which is exploring genomic editing applications.

WEF 2015 Technology Pioneers

They are part of a broader group of entrepreneurs who operate in sectors with high entry costs and at the Centre of some of the world’s challenges, including energy production, healthcare, finance, and digital security.

  • These companies focus on global challenges, including climate change and health, and use record venture capital to take on incumbents.
  • US-based companies continue to make up two-thirds of awardees, raising questions about the entrepreneurial environment in Europe and elsewhere.
  • Here you can view the complete list of recognized Technology Pioneers Full List  Video about the Technology Pioneers of 2015

Yusuf Recommends-

Global Chairmen should be mindful that innovation in these companies will disrupt many industries and established players. They will create new opportunities for growth on the planet.

Technology Pioneers

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