Ransomware and International Capital Markets Returns

Ransomware is malware that encrypts files on a user’s computer and then asks for a ransom to decrypt the files. The demand for ransom payments has led to a growing market for ransomware, as criminal gangs seek to make quick profits by extorting users. In addition, in recent years, there has been an increase in international capital market returns as investors have sought out opportunities to make high returns through investments in risky or unregulated sectors.

Ransomware and International Capital Markets Returns

It’s no secret that the global markets are again on a roller coaster ride due to slower pandemic recovery, inflation rising, and slower vaccinations rates globally.

The S&P 500 has been up to over 11.34% since the beginning of the year, but it has lost around -4.04% in value in just THIS month.

International markets are where the sustainable opportunities are, with many indexes Saudi TASI 38.26%, Czech Republic (SE PX) up 36.08% Year to date, Turkey BIST 100, UP 30.26%

Sustainable ESG markets are the real opportunities for the board of directors and CEOs

International capital markets year-to-date returns improving, and inflation rising can again wipe results of Tech mega-caps overnight like Facebook lost $250 billion in one trading session.

What should my board of directors and CEOs of GBAC members Do?

# Think Long-term strategies while boardroom Agility Continues to Evolve

a) Long-term strategies to stay ahead of the technology and cyber trends, including digital transformation.

b) Stay alert to geopolitical uncertainties. Russia is attacking Ukraine, US & NATO Allies getting involved and burdening taxpayers, while China is investing in Africa.

c) Cybersecurity and risk management planning needs to include ransomware, which BOARDS have mainly been unprepared for-

# Ransomware Preparations

a) BOARDS should ensure their organizations have incident response plans & Forensic analysis that include ransomware and other cyberattacks, including restoring operations and protecting data if a ransomware attack is successful. BOARDS should also ensure that the organization’s business continuity plan addresses restoring operations and protecting data in a ransomware attack.

b) BOARDS should ensure that their organizations can rapidly restore data if it is encrypted by ransomware

c) Crypto accounts established to pay ransomware attackers and increase the chances of recovering critical data

d) Review D&O insurance coverage for ransomware and other cyberattacks. BOARDS should ensure that their organizations are adequately

# Joint Ventures in Emerging Markets Strategic to Your Organization vs. what’s strategic to your Peers?

a) BOARDS should consider the strategic value of joint ventures in emerging markets, where growth opportunities may exist that are unavailable in more developed countries.

b)Bribery FCPA Headaches BOARDS should consider the risk that a joint venture partner in an emerging market may engage in bribery or other misconduct and ensure that the organization

Consider Egypt, home to #COP27, and Egypt to Build World’s Largest Residential Building Designed by Mohamed Hadid.

Egypt already has Iconic Tower, the tallest building in Africa now Developer and architect Mohamed Hadid will build the world’s biggest block of flats on the outskirts of Cairo, the facility is designed to host 30,000 residents, and the compound will have it all from a shopping mall to its cinema and sports complex.


In conclusion, ransomware and international capital market returns are a dangerous combination. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the high demand for investment opportunities in the current market to spread ransomware, which can result in significant financial losses for businesses. Furthermore, as investors gain more awareness of the risks associated with investing in ransomware-affected companies, they may begin to shy away from these types of investments.

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