I was invited to speak at the prestigious World Exchange Congress on March 24th, 2014. The event brought together CEOs & CTOs of world stock exchanges. Three hundred participants from more than 50 countries were represented. Traveled from the United States to Doha, Qatar, the conference’s host city. Shared my knowledge on social media, stock exchanges, and boardrooms.

World Exchange Congress in Doha Qatar | GBAC CEO

Active discussions from the largest global exchanges, NASDAQ OMX, to smaller regional African emerging stock exchanges centered around the vision and concerns with social media.

World Exchange Congress in Doha Qatar | GBAC

Audience members, senior executives, and board members of the stock exchange discussed that social media, Web 2.0, is evolving the business models and stock exchanges have to prepare in engaging the audience.

World Exchange Congress in Doha Qatar | GBAC CEO | Yusuf

The investors and prospects from the Buy-Side are using the new medium to gather information on investments and decision-making.

World Exchange Congress in Doha Qatar

Social media also comes with major concerns for the stock exchanges. Cyber hackers, hacking associated press accounts, and sending fake tweets to manipulate stock prices and markets have become a modern reality.

World Exchange Congress in Doha Qatar

The session summarized the main themes in evolving business models and participants’ realization of engaging the audience. World Exchanges have to be prepared to manage cyber risks.

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